We provide top quality commercial, industrial, institutional and residential electronic security and related systems. If you have a security or safety issue and need a top quality electronic system or service to help solve your problem, give us a call. We custom design our systems to meet your needs. We also help to find problems in existing systems and provide a better solution.
Centralized security systems are configured with on-site sensors and controllers that detect intruders, fires and equipment malfunctions. These are linked by telecommunications circuits to our control center, where they are monitored around the clock. When an emergency occurs at a customer's premises, the information is transmitted to our control center, which notify emergency response personnel to take the appropriate measures. If and when necessary the police or fire departments shall also be notified. Our integrated process that enables us to maintain control of every aspect of our services.
Our proprietary systems are self-contained, facilitating monitoring at the subscriber's premises, rather than remotely, through a combination of on-site patrols and electronic security and equipment management systems.
Security/Intrusion/Burglar Alarm Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Electronic Access Control Systems
Emergency Lockdown Systems
Camera Systems
Digital Video Recording
Network Video Recording
Analog and IP Cameras
Emergency Phones
Door Intercom/Electronic Locking Systems
System Integration
Voice Evacuation Systems
Mass Notification Systems
Gas Detection/LEL Sensors
Off-line security systems
Off-line security systems
Off-line security systems
Off-line security systems
We offer any other service necessary for you in Bangladesh.
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